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24th April 2010

12:51am: firewall
First, I'm not dead, Second, I'm almost (apr 28 i'm defending my thesis) MSc in Software Engineering. And now for something completely different.

At my work, we manage quite some linux machines, and as such, we got to the topic of iptables configurations. And I have came up with the following configuration for my new server. Allow me to explain it (the configuration, not iptables in general).

This particular vps is wardenscat.foxserver.be. It hangs around somewhere on the internet and its physical location should be in the NIKHEF in Amsterdam. I've been there, and I like that place, so I'm happy to have my little home away from home in cyberspace to be over there. There are also things being set up for a redundant server at another location.

It is connected through bridged tunnels to a private network at, called whitedeerpark. The particular bridge set up over tap0/tap1 is wdp0; and is the only thing forwarded

Since this server is disconnected from my own private networks, the external address filters out rfc1918 ip addresses before even considering their state. Anyone can connect to http. Anyone can also connect to email, ssh and openvpn on this server, but they can only start 3 connections in total to these ports; the trusted hosts, (the white deer park network and wardenscat himself) are excluded from this limit.

Other packets are dropped. Forwarded and outgoing packets are logged (only one packet per second, too much packets logging lock up the system and do not give significantly more information. Ingoing packets aren't logged because there's all kinds of netbios crap and alike getting my way unsolicited. Connections trying to over-connect to the privileged ports are logged though. It should also be noted all logged connections are dropped or rejected. Legitimate (or ones that look enough like them) connections are not logged.

suggestions, ideas, wtf?!?'s are welcome.

Table: filter
Chain INPUT (policy DROP)
num target prot opt source destination
1 NO1918 all -- /* eth0 has no rfc1918 */
2 WHITEDEERPARK all -- /* wdp0 is network whitedeerpark only */
4 LIMIT tcp -- tcp dpt:22 /* limit ssh connections */
5 LIMIT tcp -- tcp dpt:25 /* limit smtp connections */
6 ACCEPT tcp -- tcp dpt:80 /* accept http traffic */
7 LIMIT tcp -- tcp dpt:1194 /* limit tcp vpn connections */
8 LIMIT udp -- udp dpt:1194 /* limit udp vpn connections */
9 ACCEPT tcp -- tcp dpt:6697 /* Jos's IRC Bouncer */

Chain FORWARD (policy DROP)
num target prot opt source destination
1 WHITEDEERPARK all -- /* Forward whitedeerpark traffic */
2 LOG all -- limit: avg 1/sec burst 5 /* log what is left */ LOG flags 0 level 4

Chain OUTPUT (policy DROP)
num target prot opt source destination
1 NO1918 all -- /* eth0 has no rfc1918 */
2 WHITEDEERPARK all -- /* wdp0 had only whitedeerpark traffic */
4 TRUST tcp -- tcp dpt:22 /* 'trusted' parties can be ssh'd */
5 LIMIT tcp -- tcp dpt:25 /* limit outward smtp traffic */
6 ACCEPT udp -- udp dpt:53 /* Allow DNS */
7 ACCEPT tcp -- tcp dpt:80 /* mirror.nl.centos.org can be downloaded from (for updates) */
8 LOG all -- limit: avg 1/sec burst 5 /* log whatever is left */ LOG flags 0 level 4

Chain ABUSE (1 references)
num target prot opt source destination
1 LOG all -- /* log probable abuse */ LOG flags 0 level 4
2 REJECT all -- /* reject abusers */ reject-with icmp-port-unreachable

Chain LIMIT (5 references)
num target prot opt source destination
1 TRUST all -- /* don't limit trusted */
2 ABUSE all -- state NEW recent: UPDATE seconds: 60 hit_count: 3 name: DEFAULT side: source /* 3 connections per minute (updates counter) */
3 ACCEPT all -- state NEW recent: SET name: DEFAULT side: source /* Count these packets */

Chain NO1918 (2 references)
num target prot opt source destination
1 DROP all -- /* source */
2 DROP all -- /* source172.16.0.0/12 */
3 DROP all -- /* source */
4 DROP all -- /* destination */
5 DROP all -- /* destination */
6 DROP all -- /* destination */

Chain TRUST (2 references)
num target prot opt source destination
1 ACCEPT all -- /* wardenscat source */
2 ACCEPT all -- /* whitedeerpark network source */
3 ACCEPT all -- /* wardenscat destination */
4 ACCEPT all -- /* whitedeerpark network destination */

Chain WHITEDEERPARK (3 references)
num target prot opt source destination
1 DROP all -- ! /* source is not */
2 DROP all -- ! /* destionation is not */
Current Mood: cheerful

2nd November 2009

2:18pm: playlist.sh
#Take this script:
# This little shell script plays playlists, one entry at a time.

test ! -f "$1" && echo "we need an argument, sorry." && exit

function update_playlist(){
EXITING='echo "This was the final episode; deleting playlist pointer."; exit'
INDEX=`cat $1`
(( $INDEX < $2 )) && (echo `dc -e "$INDEX 1 + f"` > "$1") || (rm "$1"; $EXITING)
echo no edit



PLAYLIST_POINTER="${PLAYLIST_DIR}/`sha512sum "$1" | sed "s/ .*$//"`"

test -d $PLAYLIST_DIR || mkdir -p $PLAYLIST_DIR

ENTRY=`cat "$1" | head -n $INDEX | tail -n 1`

${MEDIAPLAYER} "${ENTRY}" && update_playlist "$PLAYLIST_POINTER" `wc -l "$1"`

# now combine it with stuff like this:
screen -li | grep -q some_show || screen -d -m -s /bin/true -S some_show playlist.sh ~/some_show_episodes
# and a file cales ~/some_show_episodes; and you can view episodes one at the time of some_show.
# When you need to cancel viewing a show for some reason; log in to the media box;
# get in the some_show session and press control-c.

# and for those who wonder; yes this post (when typed) is valid bash;
# however; I won't promise it 'll work. try this pastebin:
# http://pastebin.com/m54b79a69 instead for the big lap of text up here.

21st October 2009

9:51pm: OpenCL
Yay! finally working implementations (well; only one since ATI's stuff still seems to be behind the restricted login).

Anyway; why does who give a care about OpenCL. Basically, it's a programming language used for stream computing. In practice this means that it works best on your videocard. However; it's application is not restricted to graphics.

It is especially handy in cases where you have loads of data which all need to have the same operation executed upon them. Vectors are perfect for this. For example; the code to add two vectors is as follows:

__kernel void VectorAdd(__global int* c, __global int* a, __global int* b)
unsigned int n = get_global_id(0);
c[n] = a[n] + b[n];

And then there's about 5k of C or C++ code to actually make it do something.

There is already a lot out on this field. There's Brook++ and CloseToMetal by ATI; CUDA by NVIDIA; and the occasionally implementations using a subset of OpenGL. The problem with Brook++, CTM and CUDA are relatively obvious; they're too vendor dependent.

The OpenGL subset is a reasonable option if you need high performance computing; however; both ATI and NVIDIA have a tendency to cheat a little with their optimisation algorithms. So from card to card, aliasing may be 8 bit instead of 32 bit; or everything is just done in 16 bit ``colour'' because the difference is mostly invisible.

However; at the moment all I have is a closed NVIDIA GPU implementation. The ATI drivers are for both GPU and cpu (sse3); this is also closed (or at least closed off for me).

Now all we need is an open source implementation and I'm happy.

15th July 2009

3:46pm: For anyone who gives something about "N-gage!": OHXXNGLPVXLWMBI

I got this via an insolicited sms, possibly sent to me by O2 to my vodaphone gsm.

I hate ads. And I don't care they pay bills for certain people. They waste my time (and thus money) on and off the clock. They take 5 minutes to load and one second to annoy me.

Hence I decided to share this code with the world. Even though I generally tend to be against proprietary software. This should be good for 30 days of one Ngage game; but I won't give any warrenty or support
I skip being on-line for one evening and i accidentally the whole internet around Richard Stallman

(I started around here: http://mono-nono.com/2009/07/12/and-the-knives-come-out/ ; and the whole makes as much sense to me as the first sentence of this post first sentence to people unaccustomed to the internet.

Does anyone have a video of this keynote?

5th July 2009

8:37am: The news
This started as a reply somewhere else and turned into a rant having nothing to do with the subject at hand. Missing here now is a piece about news papers needing to stop sensationalising news and include only the stuff that matters. Given that discussion is part of a Protected Post, I'm not going to take it out of context; and you'll just have to believe me, or be a LJ friend of the right person. (Unrelated: this may become a different rant later. In the mean time, watch "Privacy is Dead, get over it").

Why would they want to make it thinner? Why use recycled paper? Is this not the same newspapers we're going to pay internet tax for? Since everything they print is of such importance it requires subsidising, it must be the perfect medium to spread news.

Those stupid people with their stupid blogs and news sharing sites like boing boing. Don't they know the only way to get real news is though a piece of paper with ink dribbling from them, written by a team of people who are still paid mostly by advertisements, cleverly disguised as actual news; and edited by a person most interested in making money.

No; these are the masters of Truth. Not the people who actually give a damn about what they are doing and spend their free time writing their blogs saying what they think and why they think it; and even take time to reply to questions and statements of people who may think differently. These are all liers! Nobody tells the truth unless you pay them. Or torture them. Because we all know the truth is what we want to hear; not what happens despite us wanting it to be different.

A reporter is way better a source for what people care about then some person actually doing the work. The rambles of a Software Engineer are useful for nobody unless a trusted reporter has filtered his words and changed them enough so people understand it. Sure it isn't correct any more, but it's simple. Who cares about correct. It's entertainment and simplification that makes high quality news. Carbondioxide is heating the planet.

All stop driving cars. No matter that the public transport is twice as expensive, usually empty, and stops bringing me home around 10. Don't tell people that living animals actually put in more carbon dioxide then our cans on wheels. You want to have the same effect as 20 people not driving to work any more, kill yourself; it'll decrease the CO2 about that amount. And people don't need to output even more CO2 biking and running to work. Exercising warms up the globe even quicker, but we just printed a A-brand advertisement for sporting gear it is good for you so don't talk about that.

Let's get serious. When was the last time you've read the paper, found an article you know stuff about, only to find at least one factual error on each line? How many times have you read the paper and found an article you know stuff about, and this was not the case? I know it's hard given usually not more then 5 words are on such a line, sadly, for the stuff I know about the ratio leans a lot more towards the faulty then the correct. Therefore I don't care about the newspapers.

4th July 2009

12:49pm: Who wants an irradiated apple?
I went scanning the stone for my master thesis Wednesday. I also took a variety of fruit with me to see what it looks like and as a backup in case the fossil didn't scan.

But it did! And now I am in the process of decoding the result datasets and add them to the test environment I'm building. Unfortunately, it is not raw data; but compressed. Anyone who can tell me about the NKI_compression=2 may have the radiated apple.

Also; I am currently under way to Amsterdam. When I left home it was about 30 degrees Celsius. Now; I'm going through a tunnel; but before we entered it was raining cats and dogs. I hope the weather is better when I arrive at the university. I'm wearing shorts!

I believe there is this obligatoryish word meme going on which I assume I should participate. This is your chance. If you don't get it, don't worry. I won't either. Anyway; I thought I sneak that in for the readers.

Anyway; to conclude this text; it is the first Friday of the month. Which means 2600 meeting time. If I recall correctly it is at 19:00 at the Burger King in Utrecht. Looking forward to that about as much as I do to Hacking At Random.

And so much for concluding. I failed to find an internet connection; so now I'm waiting for the rest of the meet to show up. I'm wearing a Debian shirt; typing on a Dvorak keyboard and I have every USB device I've got attached to my laptop which sports a Fedora sticker. I'm thinking I should have prepared better, but the plan kinda was to do that now. There's wireless by KPN here; only no vendors selling access.

I've been around #2600nl for about a day saying I'll be here only once. Hence I doubt Im expected. This is not a bad thing per se; unless they decide via IRC to move the meet to a different spot. I'm glad though to have taken the time to put my stuff on the table. I wouldn't know if I look like a hacker because I haven't met any of them ``in the wild''; but I doubt much ``normal'' people run around with 7 meter CAT5 cable.

The interesting bit is that I don't carry that cable for the meet. I actually had it in my bag because it is handy. wireless doesn't work? Lets test it wired. Or let someone piggyback on my connection. Not that I do this on a day-by-day basis; but I've done both more then once.

Anyway; now it is 7 minutes before 7. I'm gonna stop typing and probably get back on this when this is done.

16th June 2009

1:39pm: I won a prize
Due to circumstances I have won 2 tickets for Linux Tag in Berlin. http://www.linuxtag.org/2009/ Yay! I'm not good in winning stuff, so that makes it extra nice. it is from the Wednesday 24th until the Saturday 27th of June.

But unfortunately, circumstances need me to be in Amsterdam halfway the conference. Putting all together, I have just enough time to drive all the way there, and then drive back again. So I have won something; only I can't use it. :(

Not really good. I tried to return the tickets, but they had enough spare already. So instead I will give them to you. True; most of the you who read this ar
e not Linux people; but even in that case it may be nice to check it all out.

That is, if you can get them; the ticket is still in some ticket retrieval system and should be until about 11:00 tomorrow. If you want them let me know and you may have them. I will give you the information I received and you may finish the progress.

13th June 2009

2:15pm: New pounced.org TOS
Warning: AuthedPage::include(text/tos.php) [function.AuthedPage-include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/pounced/web/pounced.org/htdocs/common/smarty.php on line 951

Warning: AuthedPage::include() [function.include]: Failed opening 'text/tos.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/php/smarty/libs/') in /home/pounced/web/pounced.org/htdocs/common/smarty.php on line 951

I agree there is no TOS

24th May 2009

6:21pm: Furry Music
Here I am posting I'm not posting furry stuff any more; and I'm given this particular part of the internet subculture which I couldn't resist spamming some more : http://kurreltheraven.bandcamp.com/album/the-furry-album-rpm-2009

``The Furry Album''. By Kurrel The Raven. Yes, the same dude as the older versions of "the furry song". And there's a Furry song 2009 edition on it as well; which is a much different song then the V2 version of the song was of the V1 vesion. It's also not of the same type as the 2008 (I think) version. It's really a new song. The general idea is the same; but... just listen to it. And if you have a guitar; I think it's an A and G chord.

Since this is looking to become a cross between blogpost and unpaid advertisement (I did leech the whole album), I think I'm just going to rant a bit about the songs which I personally find quite cool.

``The fursuit horror'', ``Not like that (in real life)'' and ``The commission song'' are a few songs which deal with real life/furry issues. TFH and TCS don't really hit me a lot as I have no suits, know my inability to make one, nor any aspiration; and I'm an old fashioned cheapskate who will probably never commission anything on-line. But ``Not like that'' is a funny song. And probably the nightmare of most who hang around mucks (or certain areas of SecondLife). The general chords of that song seem to be D-C-G---

``Maybe one day'' and ``The human tail'' are songs which I've heard before. In fact; I once mailed kurrel about the chords for the old version of ``maybe one day''. Personally, I like the old version better. I think I have ripped it from his FA account a long time. With my broken raid; I'm sorry; I don't have a copy any more. With ``The human tail''; I think I like the new one better.

And then there's ``I'm a kangaroo''. The song which the whole neighbourhood would probably now intensly hate because I've played that back at least 10 times on repeat. Though (as with probably all songs) this one is played on an ukulele, I managed to play along with the guitar. There's some ingenious stuff going on here musically. It starts off with C, G, C, G,, then goes A, E, F, G. Mostly. I seem to fail when somewhere in the middle of the song; but for the jist of it it works; and it's great to sing along to when you have a guitar but no working player.

If you are still reading; head over to http://kurreltheraven.bandcamp.com/album/the-furry-album-rpm-2009 and give it a listen. At least one of 'em should make you smile.

19th May 2009

1:17am: good bye data
What happens if you have 1TB of RAID5 distibuted over 3 500GB drives, and then two drives die?

The whole raid fails. Which is what happened. Halfway last week I got sick; and at end of the week, I looked to see the health of my ``server''; and it only had two hard drives left (the 'boot' disk and one of the raid).

So that's approx 700GB of backups, music, pictures, music video's, films, backups, documentaries, books, audiobooks, radio recordings, homework, backups, anime, pr0n, code, programs and whatnot gone.

Luckily I replicate anything that's of real significance over at least two different machines; so I still have my master thesis and _some_ media.

Still, it's a lesson for anyone. RAID systems still can break.

Make backups.

17th May 2009

2:21am: meme + serious
1) Who are you?
2) Are we friends?
3) When and how did we meet?
4) Would you kiss me?
5) Give me a nickname and explain why.
6) Describe me in one word.
7) What was your first impression of me?
8) Do you still think the same?
9) What reminds you of me?
10) If you could give me anything, what would it be?
11) How well do you know me?
12) Are you gonna put this in your journal and see what I say about you?
13) Would you meet up with me?

14) It's been a while since I've updated this. The truth is, I'm not
14) really doing much around the fandom in real life any more. I hang
14) around irc and meet some people, but i don't really care about
14) putting all that stuff on-line. But not stuff I really care to blog
14) about.

14) What I have been doing is a lot of Hacking. And I am now a BSc of
14) Science in Computer Science. Some of this stuff I am thinking of
14) putting in here. However, I'm pretty sure most of this stuff isn't
14) what most of you would give a darn about. I could also open up
14) another blog and deprecate this one indefinitely. What do you think?

26th November 2008

11:26pm: I has a new computer
my gaming box died. Or rather, the graphics chip. A nvidia 6200. I also found out my cheapest-i-could-find laptop has 2x the performance of my old system.

The obvious choice was to replace the vidcard, but try and find an APG one today. it's either the same card, for 80 euros, or one that makes the box run on par with my laptop for 200. neither a good choice, since I wanted to play fallout 3 at a framerate higher then 4fps, i decided the whole machine must be changed

I now have an athlon x2 5400+, an nvidia 9600GT, 2gb of ram, and an am2+ motherboard. it's built to be upgraded later, and be on the cheaper side now. fallout 3 runs beautifully

6th November 2008

9:42pm: Muh. New post!

Okay. I'm going to keep this simple. Last friday I went on another one of my 'drive around to different peeps' rounds. Inevitably (given I've called about it to arrange some stuffs), I wound up at Pegla's place. Here, I saw Byron again, who has grown spectacularly since the last time I saw him.

Also; I got me a great heap a hardware (with many thanks going towards Pegla once again). Including an IPAQ which seems to have some power issues (I managed to find an adapter but no luck cracking it open), a Matrox pariah video card which I haven't tested out yet. an ATI vidcard; Commodore 64 montitor with turner and a big mountain o network cards and I dunno what.

Including this, two "old world" G3 macs. Right now I'm watching a background depicting Duncan (with great powder comes great fun); a "Lege map" and some other stuff which, thanks to the apple mouse and apple keyboard he gave me as well, is reasonably operatable. I've been smiling most of the time while getting this so far

I popped in the debian cd (given it's my favourite PPC and no-nonsense distro), and rebooted. Pressing the 'c' button as before with the G4 I found laying around expecting it to boot; but no luck. Instead, I inserted a MacOSX cd (which should be compatible) see how it reacts. No luck either.

Next step: there was something in os9 with pressing a button and then doing all sorts of stuff making the most trained of all mac users quiver. This was followed by me being pretty impressed given this was one of the first time in my life a mac based computer didn't crash with me being in it's presence for over an hour; even after claiming it was a good mac.

Anyway; after more research then I originally signed on for this is my conclusion so far.
* Quicktime doesn't accept mp4 video
* There's no mythtv frontend as far as I can find for OS9.
(Then again; there's no software whatsoever as far as I can find for os9)
* The "Personality card" (with the super video in/out and tulip (RCA)) is supported with OS9
* The "Personality card" (with the super video in/out and tulip (RCA)) is NOT supported with OSX
* The "Personality card" (with the super video in/out and tulip (RCA)) might be supported with Linux
* The box must be booted through OS9 using bootX: http://penguinppc.org/bootloaders/bootx
(This "bootx" is not the same as the osx bootloader)
* Bootx still requires OS9; making it a sub-par solution; especially since I now do have an OS8(?) cd around; but have yet to resize OS9.
* beige is a sort of brown; not a sort of purple (this probably wasted most of my time)

So I probably need to resize OS9 somehow and then use bootx to pass through to linux. the later part is doable, but there's still the question of bootstrapping linux; getting the personality card (this reminds me over and over again of Serial Experiments LAIN. Anyone else?) to run; and hoping it'll play back the video good enough to be watchable on TV. Given the size and newness of this; the play back will probably not be too much of a problem; since by then the rest of the hardware will probably be ready as a beowulf cluster to preprocess the video to something managable by the G3.

In the mean time; any of you have experience playing back video on a Apple G3, or any pointers given the other steps stated?

19th October 2008


Project crustaceans is a design for an internet based beowulf cluster
based on Gentoo Linux. The purpose of this cluster is to create a test
environment for software compilation.

If a piece of software (or the corresponding ebuild package) was not
configured properly, compiling it with a certain combination of USE
flags could lead to breakage of the build.

Each node which is part of the network need to be able to compile
programs using various different USE flags, allowing it to automatically
test for these compilation failures.


With Project Crustaceans, a Gentoo node would already be able to compile
a piece of software under several different circumstances. It would also
be able to test the software under these configurations as well.

However, only some software packages come with a test suite. Also most
of these can fail their tests and yet work perfectly fine under normal

Regardless of the results of the upstream tests, new tests can be
created to test the software externally. The purpose of Project Krill
is to aid the creation of configuration tests for software packages.

Also, the results can be interesting for the Gentoo development team to
decide on in- or exclusion of a certain ebuild in the stable branch of

15th October 2008

1:01am: What would be the "ideal" world?
What would be the "ideal" world?

With the limited knowledge of movies and stuff, I'm under the impression that, in the ideal world, everybody is the same. Everybody dresses the same, everybody does things the same way, and everybody is happy. While in dystopia, there are different groups of people, and people who do things on their own. They have different ways of doing things, they look different and think different.

Sure, I have my own view of an ideal world. In this world, I would be programming free, open source software, have a loving, sexy boyfriend, and more computers than you can possibly imagine (and I say that knowing most of you have seen the insides of a data centre).

But what about everyone else? Do they all live that way too? Hell no! My sister would run the most prestigious restaurant in the world. Some of my friends would work for Disney in animation. Others would host the whole internet. Etcetera etcetera.

How is it that the media provides a homogeneous image as an ideal and diversity as bad? Is it in marketing? A homogeneous audience would be perfect for television companies. Everybody would want to watch the same programs, at the same time. With only one type of viewer, it would be rather easy to predict what they will be watching, know when to put in advertising, and thus make more money.

What about you? What would your ideal world be? Think about it. What would your mother do in this ideal world? What would I do? Should we really all do the same?

9th October 2008

1:32am: Whistler awakens
A while ago, I acquired bigbrother. A Windows system which has, among things, hosted several furry websites. I've been asked to erase the secrets before I put it to use. I have scratched the memory forensically sound to be sure nothing was left. bigbrother is no more.

Today, she has awakened as Whistler. Programmed by paranoid, and operated by a cat, she now resides within this very room. Before I go to bed, I will relocate her to the hallway, where she will be with fox, who has been my home server for as longer then I live here.

She has learned to be a web server, and will do so for the time being within this network (you cannot see her yet). But when she will be visible, she will also be an asterisk server which will allow for VoIP calls.

I've got some ideas what to use it for. We might use it for an episode of a pod-cast. If anyone has ideas for things to do with it I'd be happy to hear it. And if you have an asterisk box, I'd be happy to hear how you've configured it.

28th September 2008

12:54pm: R.I.P. Vixen
My game box / mythbox / burn station / bigass calculator computer has refused to start up today. Yesterday, it sounded like a wheel would fall off from a car, so I decided to turn it off (since the myth setup is all garbled up). Now, it didn't even boot. However, there may still be some life in it. There's a light on the mainboard which still shines. And I can test most individual parts without too much trouble; except for the motherboard/cpu/memory/psu combo.

anyone those parts willing to take a drive to Beverwijk?

23rd September 2008

1:46pm: Google Alerts
Google alerts are fun. I've got a google alert on 'Nido Media' (without ''), just to see when things are referenced to me. There's a lot of 'nido' out there. There's some cleaning company (how appropriate); Some marketing thingie, and also the company who I rent my room from have a project called 'nido'. What google alert told me a moment ago was that Nido and Adecco are now going to have some sort of strategic alliance, so if you see a purple cat offering you a job, you know where it came from. :p

In any case, Google Alerts is a great ego booster XD

22nd September 2008

10:43pm: hrm...

19th September 2008

1:05am: django template filter
I've made a thumbnail filter for django.

After fiddling on my own a (very short) while, I figured many people have wanted a thumbnailer in the past, so I decided to find one on the net. I found one, but it didn't quite work at first. (might be my setup begin a bit crooked, though).

The original took two arguments, one being part of an url at a place I didn't get, and the other being it's size, plus either a 'w' or an 'h'. since i wanted to scale things to square boxes (honoring width/height, though), i changed it to one argument, and removed the 'w'/'h' part from the argument.

Anyway; I wanted to return it to the public. First, i thought I'd put it on foxserver.be; but since it's smallest response time up to now is 2 seconds for a simple page, i decided to paste it here. Maybe not the best place for it, but it's the most convenient for me.

if LJ screwed the code, feel free to message me. Same if you spot problems with the code

Django templatetagCollapse )

On a side note, it's amazing how much faster django is compared to drupal.

4th September 2008

2:25pm: Ad Verecundiam
The argument from authority is the weakest form of argument, according to Boethius. -- St. Thomas Aquinas

13th August 2008

11:00pm: Topic: Tutorial : Google Earth in Ubuntu (Read 5726 times)
The internet is probably the biggest source of "WTF" moments in the 21st century. Maybe even the biggest source known to man. Now here's a great one. I wanted to install google earth, so I took google for a spin and looked for 'google earth ubuntu', since it's not in the regular repositories, for it being non-free software.

Now I found this fine Dutch tutorial on how to do it, with the same title as this little blog post.

Now let me give you a translation (google translated, though the grammer wasn't much better in the original) of this entry up to step one, because any step after that is, well, superfluous.

Ubuntu is a operating system Linux, this system is more designed for advanced and security is very high.

If you have an Ubuntu operating system on your computer, you can install Google Earth as follows.

1) First, install google earth http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html

original here: http://www.earthview.nl/tutorial_google_earth_in_ubuntu-t2320.0.html

7th August 2008

12:19am: Orwell is closing in
I just watched the late night journal. One item was about Salim Hamdan who was founded guilty of 'supporting terrorism'. It was done in the special 'camp justice' in the Guantanamo Bay prison. Neither the public nor the defence saw much of the proof. There's more to the story but not much what matters in my point. The BBC has an article on it as well if you want to read up on it: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7545484.stm

Now I don't really care about Salim, but to sum it up it means:

"An Afghan is convicted by an American (military) jury in an American (military) court of law of an American crime in Cuba by America using classified proof."

So America is now the world's police, prosecutor and judge. Also it's impossible to check their judgement! Great! Oceania is well on it's way of being formed. The Party acquired the legal system! I wonder how far Eurasia and Eastasia are from this.

And now? There's the big problem. I'm being pissed off, scribble something here on the net, go to bed, sleep, and tomorrow I'll be back doing my daily things; not acting on this any more. And with me probably the rest of the world will join in not giving a shit.

Where's the real problem? The fact this happens? or the fact we care more about Madonna's latest single?

What will happen next?
Current Mood: pissed off
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